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Defaults: the role of the status quo in healthcare solutions

Defaults are simple, affordable, and cost-efficient solutions which can be introduced in order to elicit the desired behaviour by individuals. They are one of the most intuitive mechanisms implemented in choice architecture, and their use can be applied to a range of different choice-making settings, as they simply leverage on the assumption that individuals are disproportionately more likely to stick to the option presented to them rather than actively switching to an alternative. The […]

Overcoming procrastination

One of the most frequent sentences among people that have to deal with a certain situation is “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Students often use this excuse to avoid engagement in studying in the present, even when they are not busy and when the task doesn’t require so much effort and time to be completed. However, […]

Interview to Paulius Yamin: the power of social norms

For the second interview of the initiative “Meet the Experts” we talked with Paulius Yamin, a behavioural scientist with a background in cultural and anthropological studies who researches the possibility of achieving behavioural change by intervening on social norms. He is currently the Managing Director of the Center for Social Norms and Behavioural Dynamics at the […]