The Founders

Martina Barjaková

The experimental baker and level-A Latin dancer; the ultimate behavioural buff! Back when she was in college, her father introduced her to Dan Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational and since then, she hasn’t looked back. She’s taken almost every BE or psychology related course Bocconi has to offer. Public Policy is what interests her the most, especially issues regarding lifestyle and health-related behaviours.

Giovanna Mazzeo Ortolani

The technologically-gifted budding masterchef who dabbles in photography in her free time. The one who takes care of everyone. The assumptions of homo-economicus in micro101 weren’t quite convincing to her, so she started to explore the deep dark waters of BE and has been hooked ever since. She worked with professors to study decision making processes during her undergrad and ultimately incorporated BE into her bachelor thesis as well. Her interests now lie in how Behavioural Insights can improve Public Policy as well as savings decisions at the individual level.

Smriti Ganapathi

Book lover, soul searcher, belly dancer, wannabe makeup artist. Her hobbies include introspecting and overthinking. She loves analysing the way people think and why they do what they do. Her research interests lie in the use of behavioural economics to solve problems caused by poverty as well as in shaping legal and social norms. She has always been fascinated by both the intuition of Psychology and the mathematical rigour of Economics. So when she discovered BE, she knew she’d met her soulmate!