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Failing to fail: behavioral insights behind startup failure

How to succeed in a startup business? Well, there is no cookie-cutter approach that works universally. Every business has a set of unique characterizing elements and has to find its optimal organizational balance. Notwithstanding the uniqueness of the success factors, which sometimes can be summarized with “luck”, there is an often overlooked commonality behind startup business failures which can be analyzed through behavioral lenses.  A well-known statistic is that 9 out of […]

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Scaring the fish away: behavioral insights into talent recruitment

The job recruitment process is a game. Precisely, a signaling game with asymmetric information. Hoping for a perfect match, both the job seekers and the companies looking for new talent signal their attractiveness to each other. Neglecting the in between the lines signals that are conveyed in job advertisements can deter top candidates from applying and reduce the diversity of the company’s biggest asset – […]

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Too good to be true?

As behavioral economics becomes the hottest economic theory for firms and policymakers promising easy and cheap fixes, it becomes crucial to remember that it also has its dark side. Over the past decade, behavioral economics has become the whiz kid of economic research. Suddenly, traditional models which relied on unrealistic assumptions were criticized and modernized. […]