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Your favourite bunch of Behavioural Science geeks!

Brought together by our common interest in the field, our Board is formed of students of different academic and cultural backgrounds. With the work that we carry out with our divisions, we hope to make this field of study accessible and entertaining for everyone. Whether you are a Bocconi student or an external reader, we hope that the work we do can teach you something!

Isha Induchudan

President and Representative for Blog Division

As someone who is naturally drawn to alternative perspectives, I was most looking forward to studying behavioural economics, even before I started at BESS. I have been a part of B.BIAS since my first year, which started off by writing articles. Now I produce graphics and dip toes in all the activities of the association. With my contributions to BBIAS, I can only hope that the work I have created has inspired someone to view life a little different and appreciate the beauty of little things we take for granted. In my third year, and for the years to come, I hope to continue to bring ideas to life in a way that makes the world a little brighter, one little project at a time.

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Katarina Lazarevic

Vice President

I am from Serbia and a third year student of BEMACS, which some may find unusual as it is the course focused on computer science and rational models. However, that is why being a part of B.BIAS makes my learning complete! I first became interested in Behavioural science when I did my A-levels, where some of my subject choices were Psychology and Economics. They both broadened my views of the world and helped me better contribute to our work here. I enjoy our group work when it comes to organising Internal events and even more the discussions and games we have during the meeting.

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Francesca Colombi

Internal Events Division Representative

I am a third-year BESS student. I joined B.BIAS after “Thinking Fast and Slow” opened up a whole new world for me, back when I was a very impressionable and vulnerable freshman. I work with the Internal Events team to spread awareness among B.BIAS’s members about behavioral sciences in everyday life. I like: economics, very green lawns, reading, eating, rollercoasters, Wes Anderson’s movies, and dogs. I do not like: coffee. I speak a few languages (some well, some less well). Still looking for my path through life.

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Arash Sabzevari

External Events Division Representative

I am Arash Sabzevari, first year PPA student. As you may deduct from my profile picture, the first thing to know about me is that I am not a very serious person, but when a job has to be done, you can count on me. I always like meeting new people, and that is the first reason why a chose BBias. Secondly, I am very attracted deepen my knowledge, getting to know new topics every day (and Bbias is perfect for it). In general, I like to read books and, above all, enjoy life.

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Annalisa Pezone

Social Media Division Representative

Sea junkie, wannabe (really?) economist, current ESS student trying to figure out what to do next. Behavioural Economics is the perfect compromise between rationality and humans’ errors, two of the things that I’m passionate about. This is why I joined the association: being one step closer to my future. B.bias is the perfect place to discover, it’s where I learned about Motterlini and got my thesis idea. Hoping to see you soon between us, I will leave you a quote by Dean Burnett: “[The brain] is not an easy thing to put up with, so well done!”

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Sara Sun

Graphics Division Representative

I’m currently a third year BEMACC student and I’ve always been interested in how our mind works. This is why I joined the bbias graphics team: to put behavioural and psychological biases into practice by first hand designing posts for social media. Although my time with bbias has been short, it’s been fundamental for my personal growth, as I’ve been able to develop my creative skills, learn more about the human behaviour and work with incredibly passionate people.

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