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Your favourite bunch of Behavioural Science geeks!

Brought together by our common interest in the field, our Board is formed of students of different academic and cultural backgrounds. With the work that we carry out with our divisions, we hope to make this field of study accessible and entertaining for everyone. Whether you are a Bocconi student or an external reader, we hope that the work we do can teach you something!

Giacomo Prezioso

President and Representative of the External Events Division

My will to overcome my perpetual indecision brought me to BESS first and to B.Bias shortly after, in the hope to become more certain in making my choices by studying behavioural science. No luck for the moment, but the insights and experiences I have encountered made the decision a worthy one nevertheless. I’ve started in B.bias by organizing external events, and now I’ll do my best to keep improving the association. Passionate about reading, politics, trekking, meditation and music.

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Yasmin Zahra

Vice President and Representative of the Social Media Division

There’s just something about behavioral science that is so intriguing; knowing how certain things happen is cool, but being able to understand why they happen is even cooler. I fell in love with psychology at such an early age, but swerving my path to economics in my last year of high school made me pick Bocconi. Truth is, I think I’m getting the best of both worlds by studying in BESS and working in B.Bias. As a part of the social media and graphics team, it’s great to have the opportunity to convey the messages on behavioral economics and psychological biases that our association aims to deliver. With more interesting projects in plan, here’s a goal I plan to achieve: intrigue the audience.

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Anita Ciarlo

Representative of the Blog Division

After completing my my undergraduate studies in the BIG course, I am now about to conclude my academic path as a second year GIO student. As my studies have been focused on public policy and public sector management, my contribution to B.Bias is mainly related to these fields of inquiry. I chose to join the blog team because of my interest in writing and editing and my willingness to spread awareness about the application of behavioural science in different sectors and settings. My aim for this year is to keep publishing quality content and to see the association grow.

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Andrew Yerokhin

Representative of the Internal Events Division

I am a second-year BIEF student interested in the combination of psychology and the business world. Even though I am pursuing a degree in finance, I think behavioral science is an essential tool for understanding how people think or act. Hence, it is extremely useful no matter what your background is or what you are looking to do. At B.Bias, I have been a part of Internal Events, where we organize engaging activities aimed at learning about related topics such as cognitive biases or behavioral economics to name a few.

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Damyan Bashilev

Representative of the External Events Division

I am a third year BESS student. My affinity towards Behavioral Sciences traces back to 2019, the year I began delving into financial derivatives. Since then, I have been exploring the extent to which financial markets and human behavior are interwoven. It is worth noting that I joined B.Bias during my second year of studies. During the most turbulent of times (peak Covid-19 era), our team conducted intriguing events which included world-class experts in behavioural science. Being part of B.Bias has brought an ample amount of prerogatives – being able to elicit further understanding about myself, augmenting my knowledge immensely and most importanly making friends. On a different note, I love reading books, watching and analysing movies, and spending time with my family.

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Pasquale Alessio Sassi

Representative of the Social Media Division

I am a last year student of Management at Bocconi from Turin and my main interests are business, finance, social media, and psychology. behavioral science is a broad subject that takes a piece from any of the above mentioned and it is the missing piece of the puzzle to get a wider and connected understanding of what you are studying at Bocconi and of the complexity of the world. This consideration is what pushed me in the first place to join this wonderful association made up of wonderful people!

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Marica Lo Russo

Representative of the Graphics Division

My name is Marica and I am a third-year Biem student. I find extremely fascinating how human beings don’t follow standard economic models as a consequence of their psychological biases as well as emotions so I decided to join B.Bias in February 2021 and I am now the co-head of the graphic division.

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