The Contributors



Francesco Di Bella

The finance whiz who first encountered BE during a course on security analysis. Fascinated by the influence of Kahneman and Tversky on investment decision theory, he took the plunge into the world of Behavioural Finance and now heads the “Irrational Investments” section of our humble blog. But he’s not just about the money and the numbers- he’d be happy to hold a deep conversation on Politics and History too!




Giacomo Gagliardi

He became interested in behavioral econ during High School, when he read Predictably Irrational for the first time. He was amazed by how our brain betrays us on a daily basis, and he wanted to know more. His latest focus is on Neuroeconomics, a new and controversial field, to which he hopes to contribute.


Maddalena Grignani

Backpack traveller, art galleries addict and soccer player. After a summer spent within a microfinance organization in Mexico, she realized that the agents of the models studied in class were not quite like the Mexican wavers she had dealt with and fell into the arms of behavioural economics. After the discovery, she stressed everyone with it so much, that now even her grandma knows about loss aversion and related nudges. She is interested in development economics and all cultural/behavioural facts that might help.


Roberta Montesano

Behavioral Economics wasn’t new to her before joining B.BIAS, as the field was “officially” introduced to her by a professor during an exchange in the US.
What she likes the most about Behavioural Economics is that it challenges the common understanding of human behaviour and brings it to the next level. As Dan Ariely puts it: “We all want explanations for why we behave as we do and for the ways the world around us functions” – and Behavioural Economics is definitely one of the best ways to get a better grasp of the reality that surrounds us.







Elisa Navarra
A girl who’s curious about the world and why things happen, with brave plans to further explore the world of Economics by doing a Master. In BE, she hopes to find solutions to questions unanswered in her traditional Econ courses. In keeping with her thirst to know the world better, she loves travelling and exploring new places in her free time!